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Our Money Back Guarantee

First let me say thank you for having the faith in our service to help you eliminate your title headache.   

And just to show how confident we are about eliminating your headache, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  If we fail to successfully assist you in completing the service for which you paid us, we will issue you a full refund of your purchase price.  However there are some things that need to be understood.

Our Goal is to make our service for you hassle and worry free.  In our consultation we will take the time to make sure you understand how our services works, what paperwork we will provide, detailed service instructions needed for successfully completing your transaction through your local state and county offices and a comprehensive estimate on what state or county fees are involved along with a flat rate fee for our services.  

But in order for this to work properly, we will require you to be completely honest and up front with us when providing any and all case data and information.  The lack of information or misinformation on your part will void the money back guarantee.  I can not reiterate enough how important  the truth of information and case data is to completing your service successfully.  

Also be aware that any penalties or consequences that may arise due to false or misleading information on your part will be your responsibility and in no way will be covered or made the fault of THETITLESTOR.COM.

We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and with that comes quite a bit of knowledge in practice.  Our service is one that provides customers with very detailed information, case specific documentation and comprehensive instructions on how to assist you with completing various vehicle title services through your local state and county vehicle registration and titling departments and agencies.

In return for all of this information, documentation and instructions we will request a flat rate E-book fee.  We feel that this fee is a very fair and competitive price when considered and compared to the many competitors offering these same service online.  

Further more, you can rest assure that the transaction you will be completing is in line with policies and procedures of your state and County and not some scam or shortcut that would have you pay to receive documents and then have you pay again at a local agency to have your transaction finalized.

With the information, documentation and instructions we provide you will be well prepared to submit your transaction to local state or county authorities for finalization and payment of any and all state fees required to do so.  In the event that the local agency fails to complete the process of your transaction, they should provide you with written instructions on how to correct or amend your documentation for proper finalization.   We would ask that you also obtain a name and phone number for the department manager as we will require this in order to assist you with correcting your transaction documentation for finalization.

In the event that we are unable to successfully assist you with completing your transaction and we can determine that it was not due to false, misleading or misrepresentation of information, or that any and all avenues of correcting your case documentation or data have been exhausted, we will gladly issue you a 100% refund of they service fee for your transaction.  

The only scenario that does not meet this qualification and will not be covered by this guarantee is if and when a vehicle is found to hold a lien and the lien holder refuses to issue release of lien due to non payment of a payoff or payout.  This is considered above and beyond our control and is something that can be worked out between the possessor of the vehicle and the financial institutions if procedures are followed as instructed in our service. Therefore, a service fee refund under this circumstance will not be awarded.  

When the determination is made that a refund is to be issued, we will request that you return to us via U.S Mail Return Receipt Requested or the Signature Affirmation delivery of your choice, all original documentation provided by both THETITLESTOR.COM and the local state or county titling agencies.  Failure to return this documentation will void the issuance of any refund.  Refunds will only be issued once documentation has been received.  

Should you have questions or concerns about our Money Back Guarantee, please feel free to reach us using the Contact Us page of this site.  Any and all questions or concerns will be addressed as soon as possible. 






Data Submissions Provides:

  • Free Vehicle Title Consultation
  • Free Title Document Check List 
  • A Detailed Strategy on how we plan to serve your need
  • Free Quote for Government Fees plus our Service Cost
  • Various payment options to fit your circumstance.
  • And Free Access to the Intro Chapter of our "Lost Title E-book" 
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