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About Us 

photo125x125.pngTHETITLESTOR.COM is a proud family owned vehicle title service.  Founded in Houston, TX in 1995 the sites initial purpose was to provide local Vehicle Dealers with a way to reach us for service and provide their employees with detailed information and instructions on the processing of documents through the Harris County Tax Assessors Annex.

As time has pasted and we became more aware of our sites exposure to the general public and our potential to help nationwide.  We began our long process of fine tuning our site to better serve those customer.  What you see today is the outcome of those endeavors.  It has been a long journey to reach this point, but we are very proud of our site and the services we have produced thus far.  

 Our Goal is to make our service for you hassle and worry free.  In our consultation we will take the time to make sure you understand how our services works, what paperwork we will provide, detailed service instructions needed for successfully completing your transaction through your local state and county offices and a comprehensive estimate on what state or county fees are involved along with a flat rate fee for our services.  

Should you have any comment, questions or concerns, please feel free to use the Contact Us page of this site and we will gladly respond as soon as possible.

Data Submissions Provides:

  • Free Vehicle Title Consultation
  • Free Title Document Check List 
  • A Detailed Strategy on how we plan to serve your need
  • Free Quote for Government Fees plus our Service Cost
  • Various payment options to fit your circumstance.
  • And Free Access to the Intro Chapter of our "Lost Title E-book" 
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