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Title Search, Registration Renewal, Title Transfer, Apportion Setup, and Lost Title for your car or vehicle can costs you lots of gas and money spent trying to figure out how to do it yourself.  

Title Search, Registration Renewal, Title Transfer,  Apportion Setup, and Lost Title for your car or vehicle can also cost you many hours of wasted time standing in line each time you attempt to get the proper paperwork needed for performing these services yourself. 

We'd like to provide you with a Free Title Consult involving any of these car or vehicle title services.  No more wasted time standing in line like everyone else, for you........


In the left side border you'll find Plate Search, Registration, Apportion Setup, Title Transfer, and Lost Title buttons.  These are processes we provide consultation on and help to complete on your behalf for many customers nation wide. 

Clicking Plate Search, Registration, Apportion Setup, Title Transfer, or Lost Title will carry you to a "Service Description Page".  Carefully read over the "Service Description Page" making sure it's the vehicle service you're wanting to perform.   

In the left side border of the "Service Description Page", you'll find other navigation buttons that contains sub-pages related to that service.  In these sub-pages, you'll find specific examples of documents needed for our office to assist you in completing your car or vehicle service. 

For those who read through the process, compile all the needed documents  and would like to have us assist in completing the service.  Simply, submit your case info on our "Free Title Consult" page and we'll help you to finalizing your transaction.

Our "Free Title Consult" page will allow you to provide us with contact information and a brief customer survey concerning your case.  Once submitted you'll be place in queue to receive a "Free Title Consult" by phone or online concerning your case.  Title consultation calls are usually  made with in 24 to 48 hours, depending on case load.  At the end of your title consultation you will be given an estimate on what the cost of your car or vehicle court fees will be.  As well as, what our service fees are and how long it should take to complete.  Thus, bringing you closer to a resolution of your vehicle title and/or registration issue.

It's that simple. With our help, you can take the extra time saved and concentrate on more important  things.  For non-Texas visitors, it provides incite into how a service may be handle in your state and for certain services a How to Guide that will assist you in performing a service on your own in your home state. So, let our work eliminate your title and registration headaches and have them done quickly, correctly and hassle free.


HOW WE DO WHAT WE DOVehicle Information Request Service 

Vehicle license plate lookup or vehicle information request is a service we provide on vehicles lasted titled and or registered with in the past 5 years in any state.


Vehicle Registration Renewal Service

We provide Texas vehicle registration renewal services for busy general public customers and commercial vehicle account holders.

IRP / Apportioned Account Setup Service

We work closely with commercial vehicle dealers to assist their customers with establishing and/or renewing IRP or Apportioned accounts through TX DOT and we can do it for you.

Title Transfer Service

We provides Texas title transfer services in three formats.  Whether by Email, Fax or Point of Sale your guaranteed to receive detailed information and documents needed to insure  that your title transfer is processed smoothly.

Lost Car Title / Bonded Title Service

Lost car title or replacement of lost vehicle title is a service we offer consultation and processing of in a Full Service feature or a  DIY Feature (Do it yourself)

Duplicate Vehicle Title

By providing you with the document you need or performing this service on your behalf, you will be assured to receive a duplicate copy of your vehicles title with in a matter of day for any state, if not hours for residents of Texas.  

Vehicle Auctions

Have a vehicle you'd like to get rid of?  Here's a great way to get it moving. 

  • Register your info to setup an account.

  • Up load photos, description and selling price

  • Schedule an auction start date

  • Then, tell interested parties where to bid at.

  • All sales are subject to a 10% Auction Fee.

  • No need to ship or move vehicles

  • Potential buyers come to you for vehicle inspection.



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