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We are a proud family owned vehicle title service.  Founded in Houston, TX in 1995 for the initial purpose of providing local Vehicle Dealsers with free consultations, detailed infomation and the processing of documents through the Harris County Annex's. More

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Services We Provide

Do It Yourself and Full Service Features:

Benefits of Service

  • Easy Step by Step Processing
  • Great Savings Over Competitor Rates
  • No wasted time or effort
  • No running back and forth
  • No wasted time on hold by telephone.
  • Dependable Customer Service
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee 

Who We Are

An Industry Leader and Innovater

The Title Stor made it humble beginnings processing vehicle title transfer for local dealers through the Annex Courts of Harris County, Texas in Houston.  In the last 20 years we've always strived to adapt and innovate the technology to better serve our customers.  This site is the product of those efforts and we hope that all our hard work helps you solve your vehicle title headaches.  

What We Do

Eliminate Vehicle Title Headaches

  • Free Consultation  and Money Back Guarantee
  • We Provide Necessary Documents 
  • Detailed Information & Instruction
  • Help Estimating Transaction Fees
  • Saves You Time and Money

What People Are Saying

Real Customer Comments

  • "My title replacement was very easy"

    Melissa-Houston, Texas, USA
  • "So so glad I found this service"

    Mathew-Austin, TX, USA
  • "Still can't believe how easy you made things"

    Nancy-Dallas, TX USA
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